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Laser Vein Therapy

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The series of ads for Advanced Cardiology Practice show beneficiaries of good heart health, enjoying life and "being there" for those they love. Fifties-plus people are depicted enjoying their connections with family and are encouraged to practice heart health and visit Advanced Cardiology Practice for comprehensive diagnostics and treatments. In addition to the theme and photos, a common color palette connects all their materials as a recognizable brand.


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The Advanced Cardiology Website carries the theme, colors and tagline of the ads and printed materials. The site makes use of flash animation to deliver its message and includes a brief musical introduction as each page opens. The site is used to deliver comprehensive information about the practice in a way that is not possible in an ad or brochure.

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Materials: Practice Brochure

Advanced Cardiology Practice Brochure obverse


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Laser Vein Therapy

A new application of vein therapy removes unsightly varicose and spider veins quickly and easily. This new treatment is an alternative to the former surgical removal of damaged veins, which required anesthesia and a recuperation period. New laser therapy is performed in a doctor's office without sedation. Usually requiring only an hour, patients are able to walk away after the procedure with little or no recuperation time.

The new procedure required a different treatment from the cardiology-focused ads. On advertising and materials promoting laser vein therapy, a new tagline is used. "Love your legs again."

Traditional marketing has included print advertising and public relations. An online media campaign includes a paid search ad program, which clicks to a custom landing page, which hosts a video and a form to request additional information or an appointment.

Website Video

This demonstration video is hosted on YouTube and is displayed on the Advanced Cardiology Practice website
. It is a key part of a direct response program using advertising and Google paid search.


Print Advertising for Laser Vein Therapy

Laser Vein Therapy AdAdvertising-Laser-Therapy-for-Legs 

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