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UMG LogoUnion Medical Group is a successful medical practice in Union, NJ. Its two board certified internists serve a highly diverse patient population primarily from Union County but also from Essex, Morris and even Monmouth counties.

The reasons for its appeal and high level of patient retention and loyalty are many. They include the high level of personalized care provided by the doctors and their clinical support staff, and also their multilingual capability. Between the two doctors, they speak English, Spanish, French and Creole.

This background led to a marketing approach built around a theme of respect and access to care for people from all cultures. United by a tagline, Your Partners In Health, materials are produced in several languages, including a fully bilingual Website,

Because it serves a diverse community, the Union Medical Group Website is available for readers in English or Spanish. Readers can easily toggle from English to Spanish. Translations are prepared and copy tested by trusted individuals. The site is updated monthly and displays a "monthly health tip" on the homepage. The Website serves as the centerpiece for UMG's communication to its patients.

UMG HomepageUMG Spanish Homepage

To visit the Union Medical Group website, click here.

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A practice brochure communicates information highlights, then directs readers to the Website for more detailed information. One side of the brochure is printed in English, the other side in Spanish. When it folds, each cover is on the outside.

UMG Brochure EnglishUMG_Brochure_2


A 24" x 32" office poster provides patients with information about tests available for a variety of health conditions. It explains who is at risk for particular illnesses, explains what health screens are available and describes how each is performed.

UMG Poster_EnglishUMG Poster_Spanish


Office stationery is formatted for a professional presentation. Business cards, letterhead, envelopes and faxes all help to uniformly convey the branding of the practice.

UMG letterheadUMG FAXUMG bus card

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