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Identity Standards

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University Imaging Logo
University Imaging radiology center, a division of St. Joseph's Healthcare System in Wayne, has unveiled a new communications strategy and campaign.

Its aim is to make radiology relevant to individuals throughout the year by linking monthly health observances to diagnostic testing.

The campaign uses advertising, advertorials, news releases, collateral support, website, Facebook and Google search.

Current advertising

Brand Overview Ad Heart Health


Colorectal Health Overall Cancer Control


Osteoporosis Awareness

Prior advertising

University Imaging Print Ad


The University Imaging Website opens with a flash header that communicates the critical marketing messages:Diagnostic Excellence, Women's Services, Doctors you know and trust. It establishes the University Imaging identity and associates it withthe trusted St. Joseph's Healthcare System brand through the use of colors and extending the theme of compassionate caring. The site introduces all the radiologists with photos and short bios. It includes a comprehensive summary of all services, office forms, test preparations, archived news messages and helpful links to relevant medical information in the community and through national organizations.

University Imaging Website HomepageUniversity Imaging Website About Us page

To visit the actual University Imaging website, click here.

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As Facebook evolves and allows tabs to be added, we created a Welcome page (below left) that visitors land on when first visiting the site. Two other tabs are offered: Services (below right); Women's Services (bottom left); and the Wall (bottom right).

University Imaging Welcome page on Facebook University Imaging Services page on Facebook


University Imaging's Women's Services page on Facebook University Imaging's Wall on Facebook



A full array of collateral support materials have been designed to support a uniform brand. Here are just a few of them. The first brochure addresses consumers. The second brochure below addresses physicians.

UI Brochure obverse


UI Brochure reverse

Physicians Brochure

Physician Brochure, outside


Physicians Brochure, inside

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To ensure that repeated uses of the logo are uniform, identity specifications give clear direction on how the logo and core materials will be designed. Since University Imaging is a member of the St. Joseph's Healthcare System, effort was made to align the new entity's standards with existing standards for St. Joseph's. The resulting pages were formatted to blend with the existing St. Joseph's brand book.



UI Identity Standards-2

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