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Venolase logoVenolase is a new medical aesthetic laser treatment center that hired AVOW Communicationsto launch and market its practice. Working with the physicians and staff we learned about a totally new age of laser technology that can perform treatments that previously required hospitalization, general anesthesia and lengthy recuperation. We linked the "new age" of technology with the "new age" -- the younger appearance -- of clients following treatments. The result: a consistent theme and brand promise executed consistently across a wide range of materials.

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The series of ads for Advanced Cardiology Practice shows the positive outcome of good heart health, people who are enjoying life and "being there" for those they love as the result of proper care and treatment. Target demographic is 50s-plus. In addition to the theme and photos, a common color palette and consistent layout connect all materials as a recognizable brand.

Venolase introductory ad


Venolase ad-2Venolase Ad-3

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The Venolase Website carries the theme, colors and tagline of the ads and printed materials. The site makes use of flash animation to deliver its message and includes a brief musical introduction as each page opens. The site is used to deliver comprehensive information and detail about the procedures in a way that is not possible in an ad or brochure. To visit the actual Venolase website, click here.

Venolase introductory ad

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Materials: Venolase Brochure




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Materials: Gift Certificate

Venolase Gift Certificate

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Materials: Open House Invitation

Venolase invitation, outside Venolase Invitation, inside

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