Brand Building and Positioning
Building a brand requires that every aspect of your business is integrated by a core meaning, or "brand promise." This core message must be woven consistently into every encounter a customer or prospect has with your business, from business cards to Websites, to advertising, to events, to the way you answer your phones and even to your billing services. If you fulfil your brand promise consistently it will ensure that customers and prospects understand what you stand for and why they should value what you offer.

There is no better way to control your communications message than paid advertising. It allows you to target your audience, control your message, its delivery and its frequency. We help companies determine what form of advertising serves their unique needs, then we work with them to develop the most incisive, effective and efficient advertising program.

Public Relations
Public Relations and media relations allow you to disseminate your message through news outlets or respond to their inquiries. This provides valuable support, a high degree of credibility and an opportunity to ensure your information is presented accurately. Good media relations pays off in added coverage and may also position your business as an authority in your industry. Return to top of page.

Social Media Marketing
87% of all purchases begin online, even if the final purchase is made in person. Social media marketing allows you to build relationships, interact with customers and prospects so that you are "there" for them when they need what you offer. Social media combines with traditional marketing to help expand your business.

Social media also allows you to listen to what people are saying about you and/or your business, allowing you to determine how best to respond and proactively manage your reputation. Return to top of page.

Paid Search and Online Advertising
Identifying the best keywords, developing messages, monitoring results, continuous testing has brought results for our clients. Paid search is generally less expensive and more effective than traditional advertising but requires daily management for best results. Return to top of page.

Corporate Identity
Your logo, its associated messages, and the ways they are delivered comprise your identity. Identities must be actively managed to be consistently rendered. Without this management, your employees, agencies and vendors unwittingly make changes to your logo and its use that weaken the integrity and impact of your brand.

We produce identity guidelines -- from simple spec sheets to comprehensive manuals -- to specify correct use of your brand. These manuals are used internally and externally, by employees and vendors, to produce everything from business cards, to advertising, to exterior building signs. We also offer corresponding brand orientation training programs to introduce these procedures and materials to your company. Return to top of page.

Market Launches
When introducing a new name, a new company, a new program, you only get one chance to get it right. When handled expertly, the media and the public are prepared and awaiting your debut. That same attention can backfire and damage your credibility if your introduction is not handled with precision. Market launches are complex, usually requiring months of advance planning, materials development and employee orientation. Return to top of page.

Websites and Blogs
A solid Website is the cornerstone of a company's brand and marketing. It should reflect your brand promise and be consistent with all corporate and marketing communications. It also provides a springboard to the range of social media marketing, including blogs, Google search, Facebook, Twitter, Groupon and more. Return to top of page.

Literature Evaluation
Business literature and support materials are typically developed over a period of time by different people. As a consequence, there is generally substantial inconsistency in message, tone and appearance. Companies don't have the luxury of throwing out everything and starting from scratch.

Avow Communications can evaluate your literature, determine whether it effectively communicates what you intend it to, and provide you with a program to achieve communications consistent with your brand promise, message and appearance. Return to top of page.

The following is a summary of achievements in each of the Communications Services we have performed.

Brand Building & Positioning
Brand positioning begins with a commitment to deliver a defined experience consistently to your customers. We help organizations articulate their brand promise and communicate it consistently through advertising, public relations, support literature and Web-based communications.

We have done this successfully for companies of all sizes, including Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Quest Diagnostics, High Mountain Health, University Imaging, and many others.

Advertising & Public Relations
Planned and executed more than $80 million in advertising campaigns using every form of advertising media for corporations and medical practices of all sizes. We know how to blend advertising and public relations to maximise the impact of your message.

Social Media Marketing
We have managed programs for medical practices and other clients who want to build relationshps with patients, customers and prospects.

Corporate Identity
Developed corporate identity programs and accompanying brand specification manuals for major companies.

Market Launches & Name Changes
bullet Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey’s first Preferred Provider Organization, Medallion, followed by its first Point of Service coverage program.
bullet Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey’s first HMO “Medigroup,” followed by its successor “HMO Blue.”
bullet  A network of 12 primary care health centers throughout New Jersey.
bullet Rebranding American Medical Laboratories to Nichols Institute
bullet Rebranding Unilab to Quest Diagnostics.
bullet The Care360 physician portal for Quest Diagnostics.
bullet Changed names of numerous banks on behalf of First Jersey National Corporation as it became one of the largest commercial banks in New Jersey in the 1980s.
bullet Introduced Atlantic City's second hotel-casino, Caesars Boardwalk Regency.

Websites & Web-based Communications
bullet Initiated Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey's first Web site.
bullet Planned a major update of the Quest Diagnostics corporate Web site and prepared the first Web site for Quest Diagnostics in India.
bullet Developed numerous Web sites for local medical practices and community service programs.

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